LIVALL Unveils Cutting-Edge Smart and Safe Innovations at CES 2024

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LIVALL, a pioneer in the realm of smart safety and wearable innovation, is set to captivate audiences at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The event, scheduled from January 9 to 12, 2024, promises a showcase of groundbreaking products at Booth #54503, located on Level 2 of the Venetian Expo.

Founded in 2014, LIVALL revolutionized the industry by introducing the world's first smart and safe cycling helmet in February 2015. This feature-rich helmet integrates Bluetooth speakers and smart lighting, patented fall detection and SOS alert, offering comprehensive proactive protection for users. LIVALL's journey has been marked by significant milestones, showcasing a dedication to user-centric design and technological innovation. Guided by a commitment to meeting user needs, this year at CES, LIVALL will spotlight a range of products seamlessly merging safety and innovation.

In early 2020, at the prestigious CES exhibition in the United States, LIVALL unveiled the Demo of its revolutionary Smart Motorcycle Helmet MC1. Boasting futuristic features, the demo garnered widespread attention from media and attendees alike. Fast forward to 2022 at the Berlin IFA exhibition, where LIVALL's booth was inundated with inquiries, primarily focused on the imminent launch date of the LIVALL MC1 Range.

Now, at CES 2024, LIVALL proudly announces the official release of the MC1, marking a significant milestone. The MC1 Range propels LIVALL from the realm of mid to low-speed cycling into the high-speed domain, underscoring the undeniable product prowess and brand strength of LIVALL. This innovation has captured the essence of LIVALL's journey – pushing boundaries, meeting customer demands, and solidifying its position as an industry leader.

With the Smart Motorcycle Helmet MC1 Range, LIVALL not only enters the high-speed cycling arena but also cements its commitment to cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. As the product makes its debut at CES, LIVALL continues to shape the future of smart safety and wearable innovation.

LIVALL PikaBoost, known for its swift and easy installation, enhances both speed and overall riding enjoyment. Its popularity is attributed to a blend of safety features, practicality, and portability, making it the preferred choice for cyclists seeking an intelligent and secure riding companion.Since its crowdfunding success, PikaBoost has become a focal point for its transformative impact on cycling adventures. Functioning as more than a power accessory, PikaBoost serves as LIVALL's strategic entry into the connected world of two-wheel travel, contributing to an ecosystem that prioritizes connectivity and intelligence.

Bryan ZHENG, Founder and CEO of LIVALL, envisions LIVALL PikaBoost as a catalyst for a new era of intelligent and safe cycling experiences. As LIVALL continues to explore innovative solutions in the smart safety domain, PikaBoost exemplifies the company's commitment to redefining user experiences in the cycling world.

Bryan sheds light on the motivation behind these groundbreaking product launches. According to Bryan, the design philosophy is rooted in addressing critical user pain points and elevating the overall user experience. These products aim to provide innovative solutions to challenges faced by cyclists and riders, emphasizing safety and enjoyment.

Moreover, Bryan underscores the integration of sustainable development principles into the core design philosophy of LIVALL's products. This commitment reflects the company's vision for a future where cutting-edge technology harmoniously coexists with environmental responsibility.

CES 2024 attendees are cordially invited to experience these innovations firsthand at Booth #54503 on Level 2 of the Venetian Expo. Witness how LIVALL is not only shaping the future of smart safety and wearable innovation but also championing sustainability in the two-wheel mobility industry.

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