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The helmet arrived a day before its scheduled deliver day which was a nice surprise. It’s is very light weight connection to my phone and my watch was very easy the fit is adjustable so it’s perfect and it is very comfortable to ware. The lights work perfectly and the sound quality is great for a bike helmet. I ride Alone so this gives me a sense of security that makes my ride easy to enjoy.

Safe secure excellent

My husband and I bought these so we can communicate with each other and listen to music and we love them.

We loved them

Sound quality is just amazing, pretty light weight, worth the money.

Perfect – Buy

Love it! It's easy to use. Love the turn signals, it even turns itself off after the turn is complete. Love the music, there is not really any bass, but still sounds good and clear. Was able to hear my call as well. I do wish it had a sun visor. Very satisfied, especially with the value.

Angela V
Love it!

This is one of the best bicycle accessories I have bought to date. All the functions work like a charm out of the box. No complaints whatsoever!

Bobby Tan
Fantastic functionalities and a great helmet

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Los Angeles, CA

LIVALL in the News

The design of this road bike helmet is a successful blend of highly functional and aesthetic demands. The wind-flow-optimized form combines performance with a great focus on safety. The extended rear light optimizes visibility and communication among traffic participants by integrating functions like brake and directional lights as well as an SOS system.

LIVALL EVO21 / Smart cycling helmet

This smart helmet has a built-in headlight, a 270° taillight, and can even send emergency SOS alerts. The LIVALL EVO21 smart bike helmet is aiming at impacting change by making bicycling smarter and safer.

Brighter, lighter and safer than any other helmet on the market, the iF Gold-awarded EVO21 Smart Helmet offers unparalleled active protection for cyclists on the road.

The LIVALL BH60SE helmet is mindblowingly impressive. It somehow manages to cram everything from an SOS message system to playing your ultimate riding playlist, to super visibility in to one reasonably lightweight, good looking helment.

A bicycle helmet protects against falls and can save lives. Above all, road safety means avoiding accidents in the first place. This is why good visibility through light-colored clothing and correct lighting is so important.

The LIVALL EVO21 boasts a variety of smart features and an ambient light sensor that work together to make it as autonomous as possible. Simply go through all the options in the companion app and leave the rest to the helmet.

Safety is the Ultimate Luxury – How LIVALL is Creating the First Safe Cycling Ecosystem.

LIVALL lights up CES 2021 with new smart cycling helmet product range. The new product range will be featured with functions like brake warning lights, anti-loss alarm, auto off and fall detection.

Redefine Your Safety.

For commuters and outdoor enthusiasts who put safety first and enjoy the latest high-tech gadgets, LIVALL offers a robust line-up of protective and innovative helmets.



LIVALL is committed to creating the world’s safest and smartest helmets for commuters, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Protecting riders before, during and after impact, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your ride. 

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